SEC Sweep Letters: What You Should Know

In the last few months, the SEC sent out hundreds of sweep letters to registered investment advisor firms requesting information regarding communication devices, policies and procedures, training, oversight, recordkeeping, and other related topics. Even if you haven’t received one of these letters yet, there’s still important information that you should know about them.

  • The SEC will typically request information related to policies and procedures for communication devices, such as personal devices.
  • It will also ask firms to provide documentation related to monitoring tests, management reviews, and employee training. The SEC wants to ensure that firms are in compliance with all pertinent regulations — and they want proof, in the form of records.
  • Additionally, it may request information about who is responsible for overseeing these policies and procedures. This means that firms will need to be able to identify who is helping with compliance, as well as who is helping to enforce their policies and procedures.

How should firms respond? 

Once your firm receives one of the SEC’s sweep letters, it’s important that you respond promptly, while providing complete and accurate information. It can be beneficial to work with a qualified professional or consultant who is experienced in responding to sweep letters from the SEC. They can help to craft your response so that it meets all regulatory requirements, and they can provide guidance on how best to demonstrate compliance with various rules and regulations. Additionally, they can help you prepare for any potential follow-up correspondence, if necessary.

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