Tax Lien Resolution

Tax Lien Resolution


Advisors with tax debt disclosures — sometimes the worst disclosures from an optics standpoint — face higher scrutiny and threatened job security.

Lien Resolution & Expungement

AdvisorLaw understands how damaging tax debt disclosures can be to your reputation. Even though these disclosures can often be the result of medical or family situations that are beyond the financial advisor’s control, investors are generally unforgiving when it comes to massive tax debts. 

Whether you’re on a payment plan or need assistance with resolving the debt you’ve already incurred, AdvisorLaw can help.

We have proven strategies for both resolving back taxes and expunging existing lien disclosures from financial advisors’ BrokerCheck®, CRD, and IAPD records. Our tax debt resolution experts prioritize the unique compliance considerations imposed by FINRA, the SEC, the CFP Board, and other regulatory bodies, while tailoring strategies to each individual advisor’s specific needs.

Expungement of any IRS liens is a critical step in the race to controlling your own narrative, and AdvisorLaw is uniquely positioned to help you.

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