Is there a way to remove IRS tax lien disclosures from BrokerCheck?

Is there a way to remove IRS tax lien disclosures from BrokerCheck? Tax debt disclosures subject advisors to higher scrutiny and threaten job security. That’s why this week’s Ask An AdvisorLaw Expert discusses how advisors can remove liens from their public records.

Expungement of any IRS liens is a critical step in the race to controlling your own narrative, and AdvisorLaw is uniquely positioned to help you. We have proven strategies for both resolving back taxes and expunging existing lien disclosures from financial advisors’ BrokerCheck®, CRD, and IAPD records.

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Yes. IRS and state tax liens do qualify under FINRA’s rules for removal from BrokerCheck and the CRD. Oftentimes, it does require full payment of the liability and proper documentation. However, the IRS does have special rules in place that allow for removal of a tax lien, if you meet certain criteria. The minimum requirements for qualifying for this relief are having no missing tax returns. Secondly, you must be up to date with estimated payments or withholding, whichever is applicable to your employment situation, and third, you must have established an installment agreement and be in good standing with that payment plan in order to meet the minimum qualifications for that relief.