Boston Advisor Clears 25-Year-Old Criminal Disclosure

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Award Date: February 2023
Claimant Representative: Tad Burton, J.D.

Case Objective:

An advisor in Boston with nearly three decades in the industry had a criminal disclosure on his records stemming from an incident that occurred back in 1998. The advisor hired AdvisorLaw to help him expunge the “criminal” disclosure from his CRD and public BrokerCheck records.

Case Summary:

An act of youthful indiscretion in August of 1998 ended up saddling this advisor with a criminal disclosure citing formal charges of malicious destruction of property over $250. The advisor had pled not guilty and agreed to pay $687 for damage caused to a vehicle. The advisor’s case was to be dismissed upon payment. The advisor paid the fine, and the case was dismissed. However, the charge remained on his records and was visible on both his CRD and public BrokerCheck profiles.

Once the advisor hired Advisor Law, Tad Burton, J.D. sought an order sealing the charge from the State of Massachusetts. The State complied and sealed all of the data regarding the 1998 offense. Upon completion of the records being sealed, Mr. Burton then opened the file with FIRNA to dispute the information regarding the disclosure, which still remained on BrokerCheck and the CRD. He provided the advisor’s records and the relevant documentation pertaining to the charge and its dismissal, as well as the subsequent sealing of records, along with his arguments for removing the disclosure from the CRD and BrokerCheck systems.


After receiving and reviewing the information and arguments submitted by Mr. Burton, FINRA determined that it had sufficient reason to expunge the criminal disclosure from the advisor’s records.

With the disclosure now fully removed from all public BrokerCheck and CRD records belonging to our advisor, he may now move forward without the stain from a moment of poor judgment decades ago affecting his career today.

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