RIAs Need More Than a Compliance Specialist

Now is the time to rethink your RIA firm’s compliance and regulatory support. As we regain our footing in 2021, are you confident that your firm’s filings are in order? 

In such turbulent times, regulators require RIAs to exhibit organizational resiliency. The pandemic brought about new issues, such as PPP loan disclosures, and it added urgency to business continuity matters, like succession planning and capitalization requirements. 

Through it all, how helpful has your regulatory consultant been? The answer is likely, “not very.” If so, you’re not alone. 

“Big box,” or commoditized, regulatory services neglect to meet most advisors’ compliance needs. This is because many of those companies don’t offer legal assistance or legal services to their clients. They expect advisors, while busy running their own practice, to keep up with regulatory and legal changes themselves. Or they expect you to hire an independent, expensive, attorney.

It quickly becomes clear that your RIA firm needs a securities attorney in addition to a compliance consultant, in order to ensure that all regulatory requirements and deadlines are being met. Fortunately, for about the same cost as a compliance consultant elsewhere, you can hire a proactive team that includes both a compliance specialist and a regulatory attorney

AdvisorLaw provides monthly assessments, personalized compliance calendars, and annual reviews to keep your RIA’s compliance material up-to-date, relevant, and based on current practices. 

As you look forward to 2021, consider an upgrade from your current consultant relationship. Consolidate your legal and regulatory consultation costs and gain peace of mind by simply choosing a compliance team that includes a regulatory attorney.

Let AdvisorLaw help you protect your livelihood.

AdvisorLaw’s services were created exclusively for financial advisors—contact us for a free consultation about our RIA compliance services. 

Courtney Raymond 
Director of RIA Services

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