Did you know that IRS liens don’t have to be paid off to qualify for removal from your BrokerCheck and CRD record?

As we begin the new year and officially close the book in 2020, it’s more important than ever to take control of your online presence and protect your good name. That becomes especially true when removing IRS liens – the most damaging of all public disclosures – from your record.

Advisors with tax debt disclosures on their CRD and BrokerCheck® records face higher scrutiny and threatened job security. And, with a recent update to the CFP Board’s code of ethics, another level of risk has been added.

The [CFP] board has developed a methodology to review information from a national database regarding criminal records, the filing of any tax liens, bankruptcy proceedings, and civil lawsuits involving CFP professionals.” The Street, 11/13/20 

Expungement of any IRS liens is a critical step in the race to control your own narrative. Whether you’re on a payment plan or need assistance with resolving the debt you’ve already incurred, AdvisorLaw is uniquely positioned to help you.

AdvisorLaw has a proven track record of achieving successful expungements, as well as strategies for resolving back taxes and expunging the liens that plague your public record. Our tax debt resolution experts are well-versed in FINRA procedures and regulations, and we understand how damaging these disclosures can be to your reputation.

AdvisorLaw’s services were created exclusively for financial advisors—contact us for a free consultation about our Lien Resolution Services. 

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