Which Firm Handles the Most FINRA Expungement Cases Filed by Financial Advisors?

​We don’t expect you to keep your finger on the pulse of the advisor-defense industry. So let us quickly bring you up to speed on the most crucial element that advisors seek when it comes to FINRA expungement of customer disputes and U5 termination disclosures–RESULTS.

  • AdvisorLaw just surpassed its 2,400th disclosure expunged from FINRA’s BrokerCheck and the CRD.
  • Every single disclosure was expunged on behalf of a financial advisor because we are committed to financial advisors. We do not work on behalf of investors to bring these meritless claims and then flip sides to remove them when it financially benefits us.
  • The next closest expungement firm is nearly 900 wins away from AdvisorLaw’s benchmark and it sports a much lower win rate.
  • FINRA only provides an advisor one sole chance to argue for the removal of a customer dispute or U5 termination disclosure. Hiring a cut-rate firm only ensures that you get what you pay for. Your reputation is everything in this industry—trust it to the best.
  • If you have disclosures, realize that nearly 86% of your peers have a spotless record.
  • Join the club of advisors who can leverage their online BrokerCheck record to help close new prospects and transition to the best next firm. Right now, FINRA’s marketing machine is working against you to waste your referral business before it even gets to you.

Contact Us by phone, at (303) 952-4025, for a free consultation as to the viability of your case. We win nearly 90% of our cases, and we can give you an honest assessment as to what it would take to remove disclosures from your BrokerCheck.

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