PIABA Foundation “Study” of Problems with FINRA Expungement Process Devolves Into Unhinged Manifesto

PIABA, the group of investor attorneys that are beloved by all financial advisors, have had their Foundation release a “study” ripping the current expungement process to shreds. Yes, the same niche of investor attorneys known for their billboards along the highway trying to Jedi Mind Trick the next elderly investor into manufacturing frivolous allegations, have gotten self-righteous.

Since we are the only firm exclusively representing advisors, we figured it was our duty to point out some of the problems with their rant.

Click here to access the InvestmentNews article.

– Given the inconsistencies in their arguments, perhaps they should be giving attention to the fact that a single PIABA member has requested $1 in monetary damages eleven times since 2015. The very same practice which their manifesto describes as abusive “and possibly fraudulent.”

– Calling for an investigation to uncover “collusion” would perhaps be most fruitful by launching an inquiry into how one attorney was able to complete in under two months, a process which typically takes eight or nine months. 

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