How does AdvisorLaw help recruiters?

Let’s say you were just approached by a lead advisor with a team who’s seeking counsel for the team’s next big move — they’re excited to discuss recruiting options with you. 

As you dig into their story, you realize that the team might be a difficult one to transition, due to some potential obstacles. Such issues can take many shapes and forms, including:

While all of these issues can be potential showstoppers for a recruiter, it’s not always the negative situations that make a recruiting deal difficult.  

  • Maybe the team is large, complex, and successful, and it requires complicated tax planning, general consulting, or contracts drawn up or reviewed. 
  • The team might require consulting regarding how to navigate the Broker Protocol or better understand the intricacies of how to best move a book out of business
  • They could be looking to set up an RIA and need registration or general securities law and ongoing compliance consulting for the new entity. 
  • It’s not uncommon for an advisor or team to need a third-party business valuation and financing or a succession plan.              

These are just some of the common hurdles that we’ve seen with advisor and team transitions. 

AdvisorLaw’s expert team has consulted in FA transitions involving a combined total of $1 billion in annual production​. We’re a one-stop shop for recruiters who need a little extra help to get the deal done. We truly value our partnerships with recruiters and will do everything we can to ensure the placement of the most possible candidates.  

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