AdvisorLaw Helps Veteran Advisor Transition to Ideal Firm

AdvisorLaw recently facilitated the successful transition of a veteran financial advisor who had been seeking the expungement of a customer complaint. This advisor had over 20 years of experience and was looking to advance in their career while receiving a sizable payout. Thanks to the efforts of AdvisorLaw, the advisor was able to transition to their ideal firm.

Jason Kirkland, Executive Director of AdvisorLaw, was the lead dealmaker for this transition. He worked closely with Matt Durr, E.A., Director of M&A, and Dochtor Kennedy, MBA, J.D., President & Founder of AdvisorLaw, to find the perfect fit for this advisor. The team was able to identify a national firm that provided the brand recognition the advisor sought while also paying top dollar for their skills and expertise.

“This move was a great one for the advisor because I had multiple options for where I could land the book. This was just a matter of finding the right cultural fit. I had the perfect national firm — one that gave him the brand name that he really wanted while paying top dollar to attract solid practices.”

Jason Kirkland, Executive Director

This transition is a testament to AdvisorLaw’s ability to help financial advisors achieve their goals and find success in their careers. Our team has once again demonstrated its ability to help financial advisors achieve their career goals. With our expertise in expungement, M&A, and dealmaking, AdvisorLaw is a valuable resource for any financial advisor seeking to transition to a new firm.

If you’re interested in learning more about our array of services, or you are interested in transitioning to a new firm, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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