What is an on-the-record (OTR) interview, and how should I prepare for it?

One of the final stages of a FINRA investigation is an on-the-record interview, or “OTR.” An OTR is similar to a deposition or interrogation that focuses on an investment-related or regulation-related violation.

In this week’s Ask An AdvisorLaw Expert, we’re talking with our Ben Winograd, J.D., about what advisors can expect at this stage of FINRA’s probe, as well as how to avoid potential barring from the industry altogether.

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On the record interview is Finra’s version of a sworn recorded deposition. It’s conducted in person, it’s an all-day affair, and it involves several investigators interrogating. Chances are, if you’re at the OTR stage, that it’s not a good sign because Finra believes that you may have violated an investment-related statute or regulation. Which is why preparation is super important. Having counsel work with you through mock questioning, giving you feedback, and finding the best way to articulate your narrative, painting you in the best light while still being truthful. Having the OTR go off without a hitch can help minimize the sanctions which are to follow and help keep you from being barred from the industry.