Using Your BDA Dollars to Help Solidify Your Brand

Many financial professionals have pre-tax dollars provided by their broker-dealer to help them market and advertise their business.  Unfortunately, with the ubiquity of FINRA’s BrokerCheck and Google, any monies spent on advertising or building referrals can work against an advisor that has a negative Customer Dispute or Employment Separation After Allegation disclosures on their record.

This year, resolve to use those pre-tax dollars on building your brand through the expungement of any negative FINRA disclosures.  Whether it be meritless Customer Disputes, frivolous college pranks that resulted in criminal charges, or messy U5 Terminations from previous employers, FINRA currently affords you the right to prove that these disclosures offer no investor protection and to have them removed.

You not only get the benefit of having a clean CRD but then all of those additional marketing dollars are spent shining the light on an unblemished BrokerCheck profile.  One that you can be proud of, one without inflammatory web links, one that distinguishes you as a financial advisor who can be trusted to manage your clients’ most important assets.  

So let your compliance department know that you would like to spend that business development allotment on your professional reputation this year.  It not only helps your business and it helps your firm in having one more advisor with a spotless record.

Protect Your Livelihood.

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