Understanding The Impact Of New AIMR Analytics Site — AdvisorCheck.com

Last week, AIMR Analytics launched a new website, AdvisorCheck.com, which pulls together data from both BrokerCheck and the Form ADV so that prospective investors and hiring firms can easily weed out advisors with negative marks. While this new site has the potential to be effective at out-marketing FINRA and the SEC, it’s essential that financial advisors understand the implications of their disclosures being aggregated on public platforms, such as this one. 

Understanding Disclosure Removal Services 

AdvisorLaw specializes in removing meritless, false, or defamatory disclosures from financial advisors, wealth managers, and RIAs, public records, including BrokerCheck and the IAPD. Having your disclosures removed is beneficial for two reasons. First, it gives you more control over how your profile looks to potential clients and employers. Second, it helps protect your reputation by preventing your past from coming back to haunt you. 

Seeking removal of these disclosures through FINRA or other forums can be difficult without the necessary experience and expertise in dealing with those organizations. Seeking outside counsel to navigate and lead your case through FINRA’s Dispute Resolution forum is crucial. 

An Investment Worth Making 

Investing in cleaning up your record is worth considering if you want to stay ahead of the impact of the new AIMR Analytics site, AdvisorCheck.com — or any other similar sites that may emerge in the future — and protect yourself from potential reputational damage by inaccurate or outdated information on public websites about your professional history or background. In addition to protecting yourself against misinformation that could harm your reputation and credibility among potential clients and employers, investing in disclosure removal services can also help save you time (and money) spent dealing with FINRA or SEC requests yourself.    

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It’s important that financial advisors understand how sites like AdvisorCheck.com will affect their lives and their professional reputations going forward. Taking proactive steps now can help ensure that any negative information won’t be held against you down the line when looking for employment opportunities or seeking new clients. Take advantage of AdvisorLaw’s comprehensive suite of services and knowledgeable team members, and begin the process of seeking the removal of your disclosures today. 

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