Midwest Advisor Successfully Expunges Criminal Disclosure From 1991

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Award Date: August 30, 2023
Claimant Representative: Tad Burton, J.D.

Case Objective:

A Midwest-based advisor sought to expunge a criminal disclosure that was the result of a 1991 event. She hired AdvisorLaw to guide her through the expungement process in an Iowa district court.

Case Summary:

Almost a decade prior to beginning her career in the financial services industry, this advisor had worked at a retail store that sold cosmetics. The cosmetic testers were typically thrown in the trash periodically. When the future advisor took the testers that were to be trashed home with her on one occasion, the store pressed charges of 5th degree theft. 

The future advisor pled guilty to the charges. She was fined $50 and paid court costs in the amount of $90. As of January 28, 1992, the matter was closed. But once she became registered with a broker-dealer, a criminal disclosure began popping up on this advisor’s records. 

Once the advisor hired AdvisorLaw to help her get rid of the mark, Tad Burton, J.D. and his team sought all necessary records and documents from the State of Iowa. Mr. Burton then submitted the proper documents to expunge the advisor’s misdemeanor record through the State. 


The state reviewed all correspondence and documentation submitted and determined that the advisor’s application for expungement should be granted. Within a few weeks, the advisor’s BrokerCheck profile showed zero criminal disclosures — all evidence of the 1991 minor infraction was successfully removed.

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Expungement Award