How many expungement cases does AdvisorLaw handle?

Did you know that AdvisorLaw handles nearly 50% of all FINRA disclosure expungements? We have been helping advisors restore their reputations for nearly a decade. With new restrictions to the expungement process on the horizon, advisors with any kind of meritless disclosures on their records should take advantage of their chance to seek removal, immediately. 

When it comes to protecting your reputation, there’s no other company that a financial advisor or wealth manager should trust more than AdvisorLaw. In this week’s Ask An AdvisorLaw Expert series, we hear from our Director of Expungement, Harris Freedman, J.D., who has personally handled over 250 expungement cases through FINRA arbitration.

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So AdvisorLaw is unique, in that we only represent the financial advisor. We don’t represent broker-dealers, and we don’t represent investors. Over the last several years, AdvisorLaw has been responsible for handling approximately 42% of all expungement matters through FINRA. In fact, AdvisorLaw is responsible for representing about 20% of all clients, all financial advisors, in FINRA arbitration. I personally have handled approximately 250 expungement cases, and no financial advisor trusts any firm more than AdvisorLaw when it comes to repairing their online reputation.