Expungement Week 2022

AdvisorLaw has dominated the FINRA arbitration environment since being branded the “800-pound gorilla.” We’ve successfully completed more advisor-initiated expungements than the rest of the industry combined. Over the past seven years, our efforts have resulted in the removal of more than 2,100 unjustified disclosures from the CRD, BrokerCheck, IARD, and IAPD records of financial professionals.

This year, Doc Kennedy, MBA, J.D., Founder and President of AdvisorLaw, is eager to assist more financial professionals in safeguarding their livelihood.

Over the last few months, FINRA has doubled down on making the dispute resolution process as difficult as possible while simultaneously pushing registered reps with multiple disclosures out of the industry through its new Rule 4111. This includes FINRA’s most recent proposal, which essentially strips reps of their right to due process.   

FINRA’s new Rule 4111 is also in full swing and seeks to punish broker-dealers employing advisors with a “history of misconduct.” If a firm lands on the restricted list, it will be forced to allocate a substantial amount of funds to pay for potential arbitrations and fines. Our President and Founder, Doc Kennedy, discusses how devastating this could be for small firms in a recent interview

If FINRA’s latest proposal is passed, it will stack more formidable obstacles in the path of reps seeking to successfully remove negative disclosures. Thousands of financial advisors and wealth managers could soon be left with no leg to stand on.

Any disclosure on an advisor’s record, even if it’s defamatory or meritless, carries more weight than ever before. That’s why this year’s Expungement Week is so important to us — we know that so many advisors are forced to deal with meritless, false, or defamatory disclosures on their records, on a daily basis. 

From September 26th to September 30th, Doc is extending a fee credit to new clients looking to remove meritless marks from their records. During Expungement Week, any new client who hires AdvisorLaw to handle an expungement case will receive a $1,000 credit, with many cases qualifying for substantially higher credits, depending upon the amount and disposition of the complaint.

Unfortunately for advisors, the financial industry is one of the only industries that publicly and gratuitously reports its reps’ mistakes and even unfounded allegations of wrongdoing against them — including those that pertain to financial professionals’ personal lives. Advisors are forced to live with decades-old disclosures from customers, terminations, and financial and regulatory matters that are not reflective of the advisor’s reputation or career. 

If you’re interested in clearing your good name of an erroneous allegation or a decades-old misunderstanding, contact AdvisorLaw today. Seeking expungement now will give you your best chance at success. 

Take a look at our expungement awards here. 

Don’t put the career you’ve likely spent decades building at risk. Contact us today to discuss the viability of your case, as well as how much you qualify for in credits. Our consultations are always complimentary.

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