Compliance Remains Biggest Concern for Registered Investment Advisors

You’ve probably noticed that the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) channel is experiencing record-breaking growth. Like you, more and more advisors are realizing that RIAs offer the best of both worlds: happier clients, happier advisors, and more value for both. RIA owners tend to have shorter work weeks, higher assets under management, and better client retention. Their biggest concerns? Compliance!

  • Has it been a while since you reviewed your regulatory relationships and support costs?
  • Does your compliance team include both a securities attorney and a certified compliance expert (CSCP)?
  • Have you ever called your compliance company with a question and been told you need a legal opinion too?
  • Have you had an examination that found meaningful deficiencies?
  • Do you still have to do most of the compliance work, despite having an outsourced firm to help?
  • Do you worry about rule changes and enforcement trends?
  • Are your compliance tasks and documentation disorganized?

Compliance doesn’t have to be painful or expensive.

AdvisorLaw provides integrated compliance and legal support for RIAs. We love risk-averse clients — if you’re worried about something, we want you to call us. That’s why consultations with your compliance team are included in our flat cost. One flat rate covers all compliance tasks that come up in a typical year. 

That includes:

  • filings (including annual ADVs)
  • updates to your policies, procedures, agreements, and disclosures
  • ongoing advertising reviews
  • random-sample reviews of emails, social media, and trades
  • a seat in our compliance portal/calendar software
  • an Annual Compliance Review/guided risk assessment
  • at-minimum quarterly conferences to review
  • a team on call/24-hour max call returns

Why are we a better choice? AdvisorLaw has a robust regulatory enforcement defense and expungement practice. Annually, AdvisorLaw cases account for 20% of all FINRA arbitrations and 80% of all regulatory expungements, with a win rate of nearly 9 out of 10. We work daily with the repercussions of enforcement actions, and we know the best practices that keep regulators happy. 

Learn more about our ongoing RIA Compliance Services.

AdvisorLaw’s services were created exclusively for financial advisors—contact us for a free consultation about our RIA compliance services.

Courtney Raymond
Director of RIA Development

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