AdvisorLaw Thwarts U5 Weaponization for Successful Move

AdvisorLaw is pleased to announce a time-sensitive transition of a $650K-producing client of ours, to a national firm.

After nearly two decades of experience in the industry, this advisor sensed that he was going to be terminated by his firm. The advisor began searching for a new firm under the radar, but it became apparent that management had found out about his plan and was seeking to terminate the advisor’s appointment in order to beat him to the punch. As many advisors know, “weaponizing” the U5 is a time-honored tradition among big firms. The intent is to keep the advisor’s clientele, while he attempts to navigate the challenge of landing at a new firm with a newly-published “scarlet letter.”

This was one of those placements where the way in which a typical industry recruiter would have handled the move would certainly have cost this advisor hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sometimes, market conditions dictate that where an advisor ends up is not nearly as important as making sure they get there with their full business intact.”

Jason Kirkland, Executive Director

With hundreds of U5 termination cases under their belt, AdvisorLaw attorneys worked closely with Jason Kirkland, Executive Director of AdvisorLaw, to enable the advisor to exit on his own accord and land with a top firm in the industry before his firm could initiate any false investigation or meritless U5 disclosure.

If you’re interested in learning more about our array of services, or you are interested in transitioning to a new firm, contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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