AdvisorLaw Secures Triple The Buyout Offer For Financial Advisors

AdvisorLaw is pleased to announce another successful closing on an M&A transaction for one of our valued clients. This particular client was an independent advisor with over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry. He had been looking to transition into retirement and received an internal offer from his firm. Wanting to make sure he got the best possible value out of his practice, he turned to AdvisorLaw’s M&A division for a second opinion.

A Successful Negotiation Process

The transaction was led by Matt Durr, Director of M&A at AdvisorLaw, who crafted an agreement that tripled the payout to the advisor. The significance of this deal is even greater when you consider the fact that the buyer also worked at the seller’s firm — usually, these types of deals are complicated, due to potential conflicts of interest. Yet despite this potential issue, Matt and his team were able to negotiate a much higher valuation while maintaining as little disruption to clients as possible — a great accomplishment!

“It’s great to find a way to triple the actual payout to our client — obviously a huge win. The interesting thing about this transaction was that the buyer also worked at the seller’s firm. So even though the firm was touting the advantages of keeping our advisors’ clients in-house, we ended up accomplishing both — with a much higher valuation and as little disruption to the clients as possible. It was a great success, all around.”

Matt Durr, E.A., Director of M&A

This transaction showcases just how powerful it can be to have an experienced team behind you during negotiations with a large corporation. Having advisors with expertise in mergers & acquisitions can make all the difference when trying to maximize your return for your years of service. All in all, Matt Durr and AdvisorLaw’s President & Founder, Dochtor Kennedy, who shepherded the transaction agreement, deserve recognition for securing such a favorable outcome for the advisor!

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