AdvisorLaw Successfully Obtains 50 FINRA Expungement Awards

AdvisorLaw has just reached an important and impressive milestone in the financial advisor industry.  We have just reached our 50th winning award for customer dispute expungement in 2017 through FINRA’s Rule 2080 arbitration – and it’s only September!

Why is this a big deal?  Well, there are two very important reasons that will give you a sense of just how big of an accomplishment this is.

First, did you know that for the entire year of 2015, only 59 cases solely seeking expungement of meritless customer disputes were held by FINRA under its Rule 2080 arbitration process? That was throughout the entire financial industry!  

It goes to show how FINRA’s push for transparency and accountability through its flagship BrokerCheck system has really put pressure on financial advisors to clean up their online reputation and image.  Now that all advisors have to link directly to BrokerCheck from their own website, the accessibility of this information for potential clients is just click away.  

Secondly, 50 awards really is a stunning number when looking at what all other firms are doing to tackle these false customer allegations on advisors’ CRD records.  The firm that is in second place to AdvisorLaw has eight awards in 2017.  Yes, eight.

Although that is a very wide margin, we are a firm that has a distinct advantage the firm that might handle these on a one-off basis.  This is ALL we do – and we ONLY represent advisors.  

We feel it’s disingenuous to represent the investor that brings these frivolous allegations and we certainly don’t represent the B/D that barely defends the customer suit in the first place.  These are why financial advisors are riddled with these bogus claims of impropriety in the first place.

You only get one chance to pursue a FINRA Rule 2080 expungement of a customer dispute.  Choose the only firm that is fighting for the advisor, specializes in these, and has the track record to back it up.

Protect Your Livelihood.

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