AdvisorLaw Celebrates Transition Of $700,000 Producer To National Firm

AdvisorLaw is proud to announce the transition of a financial advisor from Colorado, who has over 30 years of experience in the wirehouse industry. This individual services largely HNW clients and was able to make a move away from wirehouse life to an independent channel with more freedom. Jason Kirkland, Executive Director at AdvisorLaw and the lead dealmaker for the arrangement, has said he is “ecstatic” that his team could deliver on their promise of rock-solid relationships with some of the best firms. 

AdvisorLaw’s Role 

AdvisorLaw had worked together with this financial advisor for several years on various matters before making this transition possible. Specializing in securities, compliance, and M&A advisory services for registered investment advisors (RIAs), AdvisorLaw provided its expertise and guidance throughout the entire transition process.  

Jason Kirkland was responsible for leading negotiations between both parties. He assisted with the legal documentation related to the transition, as well as with the resolution of any potential conflicts or issues that may have arisen during the process. The successful completion of this transition is a testament to AdvisorLaw’s commitment to providing quality service and advice —tailored specifically to each client’s unique needs. 

“I am ecstatic that we can deliver to our clients on the rock-solid relationships we have built over the years with the best firms. Even advisors with disclosures on their records can be moved — simply because of our attorneys’ experience in mitigating those risks.”

Jason Kirkland, Executive Director

Benefits Of Transitioning Away From Wirehouses 

Transitioning away from a wirehouse can be beneficial for both advisors and their clients, alike. For advisors, it means having more freedom in terms of the products they can offer their clients, without being limited by corporate policies or bureaucracy. Additionally, they are able to keep more profits, as they’re not bound by proprietary products or sales quotas imposed by larger firms. Clients benefit, as well, because they have access to unbiased advice, along with more customized solutions tailored specifically for them — rather than generic products from large firms with no room for customization. When properly executed, both advisors and their clients reap the rewards of this type of arrangement. 

Another Big Win For Our Clients!

AdvisorLaw is thrilled about successfully transitioning another financial advisor away from a wirehouse and into a national firm with greater flexibility and freedom — allowing him to serve his customers better while increasing his profits at the same time. 

The top-notch service provided by Jason Kirkland, with support from Matt Durr, Director of M&A, made this process as seamless and painless as possible. Congratulations again to our client — we wish you all the best going forward!

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