College Prank No Longer Haunts Career: Advisor Expunges Old Graffiti Charge

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Award Date: April 3, 2024
Claimant Representative: Tad Burton, J.D.

Case Objective:

An investment adviser representative out of Orange County, California spent 20 years in the industry with a glaring criminal disclosure on his public BrokerCheck record. Tired of living with the shame from a past indiscretion, he hired AdvisorLaw to help him seek removal of the disclosure.

Case Summary:

In the fall of 2000, this would-be investment adviser was in college. What began as a silly college prank involving graffiti ended up resulting in a code violation for the advisor, listed as grand theft. 

A new California code allowed the matter to be sealed, and AdvisorLaw took advantage of that to seek the removal of the adviser’s grand theft violation.


AdvisorLaw’s Tad Burton, J.D. conducted due diligence with the state of California and the FBI. He procured the necessary documents and records and used them as support when making his case to FINRA. 

FINRA granted the removal of the charge, and this investment adviser now has clear records for the first time in his two-decade career in the industry.

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Expungement Award