AdvisorLaw’s new “Rideshare Program” helps financial advisors expunge customer disputes and U5 termination disclosures

AdvisorLaw is now offering a “Rideshare Program” for financial advisors seeking to expunge customer dispute or U5 termination disclosures for the entire month of December. 

With over 40 million visitors to BrokerCheck® every year, you and your teammates can’t afford to lose a client over a meritless disclosure on your record. But we can help to restore your good name.

If you and your officemates or colleagues (up to nine additional) file your case together, you EACH receive a $1,500 credit on your expungement case. This promotion is only good for combined expungement cases opened prior to Dec. 31st, 2020. 

You know better than most, that since March, nearly every person in the US spends the majority of their day conducting business online. Make the most of this seismic change and ensure your online reputation through FINRA’s BrokerCheck is spotless.

Even a single HNW prospect choosing a different advisor over the coming years can cost you more than the entire cost to remove these. Consultations are at no charge.

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Doc Kennedy, MBA, J.D.