How does AdvisorLaw charge for ongoing compliance?

AdvisorLaw stays ahead of SEC and state regulatory changes so that RIAs can focus on building and growing their business. Custom-tailored to each individual firm, we provide an array of services, including reviews of policies and procedures, advertising, and marketing, as well as filing and amending Forms ADV and CRS, and more.

In this week’s Ask An AdvisorLaw Expert, Michelle Atlas-Quinn, J.D. discusses how we break down our compliance services to offer both basic guidance and a more hands-on and in-depth approach to compliance consulting.

If you’re interested in RIA compliance consulting, contact us today for a complimentary consultation. Our compliance team includes both securities attorneys and certified securities compliance professionals (CSCP). We stay ahead of SEC and state regulatory changes so you can focus on building your practice. 

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AdvisorLaw charges for ongoing compliance at a flat monthly rate. Now there’s a number of factors that go into the rate for your firm: whether you’re state-licensed, maybe you’re state-licensed in multiple states, whether you’re SEC-licensed, and your note is filed in one or two or many more states, the number of investment advisor representatives that you have… If it’s just you, that’s one specific cost. But if you have 15 coworkers and colleagues that are also advisors of your firm, of course that’s going to change the cost. Also, we look at the amount of social media that you do, the amount of advertising that you do, and what you need us for. Some advisors choose to work with us just for overall compliance and basic guidance. Others don’t want to be so hands-on, and they need us for much more in-depth detail and review. So it depends on your needs, and it depends on your firm, but we can come up with a flat monthly rate that works for you.