Financial Advisors 2021 Marketing Landscape

Change is inevitable, especially in the world of marketing. Time-tested marketing approaches like networking, cold calling, seminars, and door knocking seem to still be working, but only to a certain degree.   

Biggest Trends

Social Media is constantly being leveraged to generate leads. Whether through ads, networking requests, or catchy marketing videos, social media has become a staple in the world of modern marketing. 

Targeted Emails are a marketing trend that continues to grow. It’s now become an essential tool for marketers, specifically for customer acquisition. 

Focused SEO, Web Content, and Google Ads have become a modern must-have. The world operates increasingly online, making these types of tools crucial to any advisor or firm’s growth. 

Integrated Marketing Platforms are also changing the landscape by tracking prospects’ marketing journeys online. New and more targeted tools give companies the opportunity to utilize multiple marketing channels at once.           

Outsourced Marketing Agencies continue to be great marketing tools for advisors. By outsourcing marketing efforts, advisors have more time to spend focusing on client relationships and managing money. 


Due to automation and the increased outreach with modern marketing platforms, prospects are bombarded with choices. Just a simple Google search for “advisors” will pull up more than a dozen pages of advisors’ websites and contact info. On top of that, investors are easily able to look up an advisor’s record and social media accounts for signs of misconduct. 

That’s exactly why advisors need to be aware of their regulatory records and online reputations at all times. FINRA has made it very easy to review a broker’s record, and investors are looking. Based on a joint report, advisors are being vetted by roughly 264,000 investors on BrokerCheck every month. Those BrokerCheck® visitors are disproportionately male, highly-educated, over 55 years of age, and making more than $100K per year.   

If you want to compete in this modern era of marketing for clients, you need to put a premium on having a clean compliance record and online presence. AdvisorLaw has successfully removed 1,500 disclosures. If you’re dealing with a disclosure on your record, we can help. 

AdvisorLaw’s services were created exclusively for financial advisors—contact us for a free consultation about our Disclosure Expungement and RIA compliance services. 

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