Charitable Partner: Global Orphan Prevention


Global Orphan Prevention is an award-winning nonprofit that aims to prevent the trafficking of children for purposes of orphan or sexual exploitation through education, empowerment, and economic development.

We envision a world in which children are able to stay together with their families and where no child is forgotten or separated because of economic disadvantage in health, income, or circumstance. ​

We envision the reverberation of a world in which the familial value will have an exponential impact beyond the individual! ​

70% Of victims are disempowered, illiterate, and living in poverty

1M Children are trafficked around the world annually

60% Of human trafficking victims in the USA have histories in child welfare

17K American children are impacted by sex trafficking annually


  • ​Nepal Girls Empowerment Center & Dormitory
  • Denver Girl Rising Camps Self-defense workshops for teen girls
  • Micro-savings and loan program established for 20 households
  • New school building for 100 students annually
  • $25 donation provides schoolbooks and supplies for one student
  • $50 donation provides two bunk beds in the dormitory