Expungement Week 2021

Since being dubbed the “800-pound gorilla,” AdvisorLaw has absolutely dominated the FINRA arbitration landscape. We are responsible for more advisor-initiated expungements than the rest of the entire industry, combined. Over the last six years, we’ve expunged more than 1,800 meritless disclosures from financial professionals’ CRD, BrokerCheck, and IAPD records.

Around this time last year, AdvisorLaw was able to use National Expungement Week as a springboard to help a record number of advisors achieve expungement. This year, AdvisorLaw Founder and President, Doc Kennedy, MBA, J.D., aims to help even more financial professionals protect their livelihood.

After navigating the challenges of the past year and a half, advisors are returning to the office, and Doc is once again extending a fee credit to new clients looking to remove meritless marks from their records.

From August 23 through August 27, any new client who hires AdvisorLaw to handle an expungement case will receive a $1,500 credit (applicable to both flat and retainer fee structures). Now is the time to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity, as outside forces continue to limit your right to remove meritless disclosures or regulatory infractions from your public record.

You are allowed only one attempt at expungement. Hire the only firm solely representing financial advisors. Hire the 800-pound gorilla.

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