Ask an AdLaw Expert: When should I start planning to sell my advisory practice or RIA?

Mergers & Acquisitions

When you’re looking to sell your advisory firm or RIA, there are many factors at play that could impact how seamless and profitable the transaction of your business will be. This week on “Ask an AdLaw Expert,” we ask our Mergers & Acquisitions expert, Tad Burton, J.D., how to navigate the art of the deal.

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Full Transcript:
When you’re looking to sell, there’s a lot of factors that you have to keep in mind. But, as kind of a general rule of thumb, we would say at least a year out from when you’d want the transaction to fund. One of the key parts of moving forward with the transaction is to get a proper valuation of the practice. One of the key points in a successful transaction is matching up the buyer of your practice with the types of products that you’ve been selling along with your set of clients. That comes into play in terms of retention; the percentage of clients that stay with the new advisor is going to directly impact the dollar amount you’re paid for that transaction.