Jack Shepherd

Success Story: Lien Resolution

Caroline Smith


Caroline Smith had three tax liens filed against her, representing roughly $175K in unpaid liabilities. For years, Smith was unsuccessful at resolving her debt. Fed up, she began to seek outside counsel from both her employer as well as prospective clients. Smith was embarrassed by her tax debt and began to experience a great deal of anxiety because of it.

That’s when Smith decided it was time to reach out to AdvisorLaw. We quickly negotiated a reasonable payment plan to service the liabilities. AdvisorLaw then applied for lien removal, arguing that the relief would facilitate a collection of the back taxes thereby allowing her to achieve her full earning potential. Once these primary goals had been achieved, we were able to save Smith approximately $30,000 through a penalty abatement.

Today, Smith’s BrokerCheck® and Central Registration Depository (CRD) records are clear.

Bringing on the AdvisorLaw team

When he heard about AdvisorLaw, Jack hired AdvisorLaw to represent him in seeking expungement of the disclosures. AdvisorLaw was able to illustrate to the FINRA arbitration panel that the disputes were false and clearly erroneous, because they were not complaints against Jack as the financial advisor, nor were they in regard to his services or any alleged violation on his part.


The panel found in Jack’s favor, citing the fact that the complaints had focused on allegations that ARSs had lost liquidity and that the misconduct at issue was on the part of the broker-dealer and the securities industry.

The disputes were expunged, and Jack’s CRD and BrokerCheck records are finally back to being clean and representative of his integrity as an advisor.

*Names and some details have been changed to protect anonymity.

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