Practice Purchase Network

Exclusive Acquisition Solutions

Practice Purchase Network

Exclusive Acquisition Solutions


Are you interested in acquiring a book of business? Ready to sell your wealth management firm? 

Ready to join our network?

AdvisorLaw is now actively sourcing buyers and sellers with different types of advisory practices in your market.

For years, AdvisorLaw has been trusted by financial advisors with their most precious asset — their business. ​We're a one-stop solution with experienced attorneys who understand business law, securities law, and how to complete seamless transactions. Join our network today!

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We do not charge to become a Preferred Acquisition Partner, but we do charge a reasonable fee if you enter into an agreement with one of our sellers.  ​By agreeing to be a Preferred Acquisition Partner, you also agree to receive our monthly newsletters. These newsletters are intended to keep you up to speed on the best practices in the acquisition space. 

How it Works

We handle all of your acquisition needs:

  • Practice Purchase Network
  • Partner Sourcing
  • Buy/Sell Contracts
  • Financing
  • Legal Consulting & More!

In order to join our Practice Purchase Network (PPN), we simply ask that you complete a 5-10 minute phone call with one of our account executives. Once we've learned a little more about you and your interests, we'll assign an experienced account manager to you that will be with you every step of the way, helping you achieve your goals.

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​Once we've had our initial call, we will begin discreetly sharing your profile with buyers or sellers to find a match based on your interests. Once a connection has been established, your account manager will be in contact to arrange a meeting.

Buyer Network

To join our PPN Buyer Network, please fill out the form below for a complimentary consultation: 

    Describe your current staffing situation.

    What is your AUM?

    How many clients do you intend to bring on?

    What quantity of assets are you targeting?

    What is the annual gross production of assets you are targeting?

    Do you have financing lined up to make a purchase?

    Do you have a formalized succession plan in place?

    Seller Network

    To join our PPN Seller Network, please fill out the form below for a complimentary consultation: